Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

I'm a very seasonal music listener, and when the Winter season starts to rear it's ugly head I tend to listen to more Hip-Hop/Rap music then anything else in my iPod. Now I know alot of you are asking "Rap music? isnt that more of a summer type thing?". And my reply is "Fuck no...What? Should I be listening to Shoegaze, maybe Jazz perhaps? Naw... Fuck that son! I need to keep my head bobbin to stay away from the cold(Metal also works very well for this)!". So I am going to be dropping 3 Hip-Hop classics each day(that is if I get online) to bob your head and keep warm while out in those cold and dreary streets gang.
We'll start this off with a hallmark track from the Boggie Down Bronx, then give The Native Tounge Crew some love, and to finish it off take it to 88' when Hip-Hop was breakin heads and I was breakin gums.

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