Monday, December 21, 2009

Wu-Tang Clan: 3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

For this installment of "3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day", I was stumped. How do you get the classics of the Clan down in 3 choices. It's been hard enough with the other posts, and I dont even feel like I did those posts justice considering it is quite redic to get a genre or sub-genre down in three songs. But for this one I am really having a hard time.The Wu completely changed the game. I mean 9 of the illet MC's on the planet in one group!? How do you choose 3 classics when for a time everything these guys did was nothing short of brilliant. From the debut album to the first string of solo releases they did everything right. So do I go with possee cuts, or do I go with their individual classics? So with this problem presenting itself to me( and what a problem it is) I decided to go with(in my opinion) the illest possee joints. These tracks may or may not feature the entire clan, but they get the point across. So with that shitty set up out of the way,lets get groovin!