Wednesday, December 16, 2009

West Coast Rap- 3 Hip-Hop Classics For Your Day

I know I know, I been missed a day or two. But I think this post will really keep you warm in these dreary winter days. So fuck off if you're bitching about this post comming late. For this installment of "3 Classics For Your Day" I decided to give the left coast some love. West Coast Hip-Hop is the second most important style of rap music to ever come out. The West Coast is so much more than 2Pac Dr. Dre and Snoop. The West has given so many contributions to Hip-Hop that it is impossible to count and for this post very impossible to dwindle down to three choices. So for the genre of Hip-Hop that dominated the early to mid 90's I have made my choices based on: National and international appeal( I'm givin a shout to cali really, so fuck the radio), not relying on the East Coast template(meaning this is only a sound you can identify with California), and to be quite honest...My own personal favorites.

The West Coast genre of Hip-Hop was something very special to all heads in the sense that it gave us something not the norm. Hip-Hop being dominated by the East Coast almost made it impossible to be takin serious by someone NOT from NYC, and made it possible for cats from all over the country and world to make their voices heard without a Dj Premiere beat. Case in point being the explosion of Southern Rap, which quickly came to the top of the game after the West Coast had it's run.So with that shitty set up out of the way,lets give love to the coast that
made being a pimp cool, the coast that toldus "Fuck Da Police", the coast that let us know what the fuck a Blood or a Crip was, the coast that gave many of us in 95... A hero! Lets get this thing started!

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  1. idk how I missed this post but I got thrown off, california love was my shit in 4th grade