Thursday, December 17, 2009

Female Appreciation

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon, I know im late. So lets just forget that and make Rihanna The Official Pluto Gang Female Of The Year, the first pic above should be enough to earn her points. We already talked about how that RnB nigga Chris Brown fumbled on the goal line in the universe bowl and I now side w/the millions of people that feel this nigga needs a beat down for what he did to this fine female above. But babygirl did bounce back, and she bounced back strong that's why im gonna officially say again RiRi is The Official Pluto Gang Female Of The Year!


  1. Yo Son!!!! I just peeped the GQ shit yesterday and I was buggin out over this chick! I mos def give the cosign on givin her female of the year!

  2. im mean damn them breast make me so happy, i fo real wannna make them my pillows and/or snuggle buddies