Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Waka Flocka Flame, Why?

A.K.A. Young Wild Nigga
A.K.A. Young Drug Dealer
A.K.A. Young Nigga Got Shot At The Car Wash
now I am gonna start off by saying I did not put down the Cobra for a bottle of haterade. In all honestly I have listened to a few Waka Flocka mixtapes and was aware of the nigga before all the hype. But what I am saying is that I hope this dread locked negro is not the future of southern rap. I know the kid doesnt have an album out yet and only one track has been catching buzz in the past few months. So will you ignorant fools that are calling this nigga (see video below) the future of the south just stop.

I remember when I was a young child and the future of the south was a rap duo pictured below. Back then the south, and I am referring to ATL rappers, really didnt look to have a future. Then Outkast came along and with them brought the Dungeon Family. These groups help to earn the respect southern rappers needed to be takin seriously in the rap game of the mid and late 199o's. Now I know the crunk era came in the 2000's and I guess that was supposed to be the rebirth of the south, but I am not even gonna acknowledge that nonsense. We still had rappers like Luda, T.I., even The Clipse if you consider Virginia the south and at that of course Little Brother. So what and who would be the face of southern rap in to next round?

Trap Rap, with Mr. Young Jeezy being the face of the original drug dealing music. I admit I was not of fan of the Young Gucci and Jeezy Mane beef creating track "So Icey". But after I heard Jeezers Trap Or Die mixtape the southern nigga in me would not let me deny the fact that Jeezy had a future. Which brings me back to my original point, the future of Mr. Flame. With Gucci being locked up for being an irresponsible nigga, and Mr. Flocka being shot up for being a flashy illiterate jewelry rockin nigga, are these niggas the future of southern rap? For the time being im gonna have to say yes. Niggas eat this drug dealing lifestyle shit up, and hey I may not be as ignorant as the average nigga but I do fucks with some of these bass heavy tracks. My point is that Waka Flocka Flame is a trend similar to D4L or Hurricane Chris. This nigga will get love from young niggas and hood rats but his rap skills will remain in the area of "whack w/no progression", so good luck to you Mr. Flame.

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