Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Spring is on the way and Valentines day has passed by a long time ago. People are watching the Vancouver Olympics and are hyped up about it...xD
Still, when people ask me "how are things doing in Japan?" I give'em a positice answer, (or try to be) but really inside I am thinking 'life is down the shit drain, like always'. How so? Still to this day, I look back at each day pondering about how I could of made my time worth a while and wondering why the hell did I do that, did I do this, did I do whatever. This is my bad habbit I have always had. I am not that happy with where I am at in life, but do not know where I want to be. Only thing that is clear is that being rich sounds good.
So, new school year starts in Apr., and the School made a stupid deal about the School system. There are alot of major changes that is going to take place. Already, KSUA has stupid rules and administration works and so on, but what I am afraid of is that things are definately gonna get strickter and stupider. I am sooooo fed up of the school and want to go to a better place.
For a long time, I have been planning to study abroad over seas to get out of this mess. The School in Ourense, Spain is a sister school of KSUA. Its been 2 years now that I have made a secret plan to go to Ourense. When I got things together, I finally told the Administration but they tried to stop me, (as I thought) and also gave me very negative responce. This was in October I believe. Only way for me to go is to take absence for a year, wich mean I do not get credit for and have to stay another year while paying the school while on absence. Another way is to go during break. So, the school is very passive about making the environment and the school life better for their enrolling students. But today, however, I have heard a very positive responce from the school in Ourense. For 2 min, I was the MOST HAPPIEST MAN on EARTH and felt normal again.
So tomorrow, I am going to print this mail out and show it to my teacher and staff in charge of Academic service, study abroad program, and Student Service. I will negociate to try to talk them into allowing me to go to Spain without taking absence. To tell the truth, its not gonna happen. I now it and I can say. So why am I doing this? It may be a waste of time but I need to fight this to make myself feel better about myself and atleast make a stand rather than being a kid who whines and mopes around at the possibilities that he didnt fight for or do anything about. By doing this, I wil be leaving examples for later students who will feel the same way. It is going to be my 4rth year at KSUA, and I need to feel normol...feel like I am surrounded by prinson walls, first you are overwhelmed, then you get used to it, and later, the school system and rule set you and you get 'institutionalized' to it. I dont wan to be like that. I already have shit going on in my personal life.
All my logs are not that positive, I know. So here are 2 good things happened to me this week.
Besides the positive responce from Spain, I finally bought an iPod (I've always wanted since it came out)! With all the financial shit going on, its like a miracle. Second thing, I am on break and doing whatever I want in the institution without people getting in my face. People dont usually rely on me or count on me, I am like a invisible man, present but not there. However, group of freshmen who are working on a competition(have done the same competition on my freshmen year) needs my assistance and asked me to help them on the day they will set their work in Maruyama Park located behind the Yasaka Shrine on Shijyo in Kyoto City. I felt like a regular, wise, and good human.
Oh, almost forgot. I am payed 3000 yen a hour to teach English (making better money than a Regular Cabaret Girl's hourly pay!!!), the same place that hired me to design them a Moe-Amulet. I will upload a sample of the Amulet. So, I am going to now make MONEY and save up to go back to Wor'town, that I dreamed of returning some day.
Did I skip things I need to mention? Agh well, some other day. (^o^)v

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