Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Will Smith and I Almost Saved The World...

Since the rest of you chumps, except for Shonuff, have been slow on the posting I am gonna share with you all the tale of how me and Will Smith almost saved the my dream.

What started out as a typical night at the 4th Street Mansion (from what I thought) turned out to be an eventful 2 day mission. Mash liquor was all up in the mix, and I even had a couple L's rolled and tucked under my fitted hat. Swayne was there with Jaeger chillin on the shoulder as we baked out my room with the housemates and a few people that would not have been at 4th street at the time.

Then things started to get weird. Somehow the beer kitchen and the 2nd living room turned into a dance floor similar to the picture above. Funny because when we would have parties back at the mansion that 2nd living room was known for being the best room for dancing. More people showed up in the dream that I had never seen before at the mansion, and of course the night ended in the black cave w/Cune, Hungus, C.Powers, L.Blissencock, and a few girls I have met in the past few months chillin out to Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest.

The next morning I am at the Water Treatment Plant painting a piece w/Brody and Phil Deez. As we are finishing up the production, which in the dream seemed dope, an earthquake randomly hits central Ohio. We are all confused and race back to Jason (who was ready to storm down the road) and bang out back to the 4th Street mansion.

Will Smith, of getting jiggy with it fame, is waiting for us back at the mansion. Why Will Smith was there idk maybe its because I had watched Independence Day a few days earlier. So big Willie Style explains to us that the earthquake we thought we felt was not an earthquake but that a meteor had struck down somewhere in Delaware county. So Brody and Phil decide that they needed more trees and went on a run while me a Will Smith went to get guns....
On the way to the gun shop, Big Willie Style explains to me that Earth will be struck again by an evil entity similar to the dead planet in the movie The Fifth Element. We arrive in future downtown Columbus that looks alot like Tokyo, Japan but completely empty...

There are a bunch of TV screens in future downtown Columbus, and on one of them we saw the image above. It was Katie Couric telling the world how we had less than 24 hours to live and showing images of the dead planet heading towards Earth, people panicking in the streets all around the world, and mad looting. Basically she said there was nothing we could do and that everyone should get with family and hide in your basement.

So for some reason Will Smith decides that we needed to join the Banks family in there Bel Air mansion. I dont know why I didnt ditch the plan at this point and head to somewhere like Vegas to enjoy my last hours on earth but Mr. Smith felt that we still had a chance to save the Earth. We arrive in Los Angeles and the city looks similar to the riots days after the Rodney King beating. Niggas running around with flat screens and ipods, which didnt make since cause them shits would be no good in a few hours. It also seemed like everyone spoke Spanish including myself.

Finally I came to in the dream and realized that its was just that a dream, and that this was all bullshit. So I decided to take Hilary Banks to the beach and end my days there. But as soon as I get outside of the Banks Mansion I am greeted by an angry Uncle Phil who tells me I cant take his Benz or his daughter, I then pull out the gun I acquired back in Columbus and attempted to kill Uncle Phil but that didnt work because before I knew the dead planet was in plain view in the skies above Bel Air and that was the last thing I remember. I awoke thinking that was the most detailed and intense dream that I have ever had and completely forgot about it until I had de ja vu while watching an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I dont know why I felt I had to share this with you all, but hey I hope you enjoyed...


  1. This is the funniest shit I have ever read...If I were in Bel Air with yall fools I would've looted all of Will's Nikes

  2. I just read this again and forgot how random and detailed that dream really was, that shit cray!