Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disaster Relief

Earthquake in Chile is devistating. This fact also affect other regions, like Japan. You may think "is this guy stupid? Japan is no where near Chile" but here, there areTsunami attack reports on all eastern shores (some on north and west) of Japanese coasts. There were Tsunami attacks before in History when Chile and other areas had a massive earthquake.
I pray for those who are there and hope everything goes good.

A day ago (I think) I found an very interesting web site. As an artist myself, I was looking for poses I can use as an sample for series of drawing I wanted to do. This website I found contains nude poses, and the photographer is self-taught (which surprised me). If interested, search for Igor Amelkovich. Anyhows, I am amazed by the photographers works and feel like becoming a fan.
March is on the way and I will be 22. I still have a month of free time to work on my art works.
First, I need to finish remaking the shoes for Kimono, and then make new ones. Second, need to finish low tables I have design. Then, finally, I can start the drawing project.
Would things go accordingly to plan? No, but I need to force myself to finish them before school starts.

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