Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get Sexy 2010: The Threads- All Saints and Pegleg NYC

In the year of our cynical lord 2010. Cune Pluto will be making a transformation, enter "Get Sexy 2010". I know it's really late to now be letting everyone in on the gameplan about getting right in 2010, but I had to keep some of this shit top secret. I cant have niggas jockin the steez before I get all my skizzles under my belt.

Get Sexy 2010 is exactly what it sounds like. Getting sexy for the year 2010 and beyond. I'll be shouting out and giving tips on everything from hygiene, working out, restaurants to take your lady friend or have a meeting, Clothing do's, don'ts, and hot labels.Cocktails to make in the home or order. Recipes for healthy eating and last but not least tips for the bedroom.

For the first installment of GS2010, I will be shouting out two clothing labels that are mos def the business for getting sexy. Pegleg NYC and All Saints. Two clothing labels of very distinct style and taste, and have nothing to do with each other aesthetically. GET SEXY PLUTONIANS!

Pegleg NYC: I've been on the bandwagon for some time now. It's a little pricey for what it is, but it last.
Known for their bright colors, geometrical graphic tee designs, and OSHGOSHBEGOSH styled shorts. This NYC label helmed by friends Harry McNally, Nick Poe, and Robert Waltzer, continue to define and re-imagine New York street fashion. Most of the garments are basics with a very colorful twist reminiscent of the 80's yet clearly contemporary and fresh.

All Saints: This UK label is clearly English, and clearly expensive. But who could go wrong(or bitch) about the durability and timeless style of their garments. I'm not a big fan of the graphic tees, but everything from the button ups to wallets has a "I wish a bitch would call me ugly" flavor. If you get your money right I suggest copping a pair of the "Military Boots".

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  1. Pegleg > All Saints, you right them UK tees on some ed hardy shit not fuckin wit it