Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ughhhhh wat?

so here I am...its been a while. No pictures to up load today, like the ones Jigga has updated that are laughable. Where should I start?? Well, happy new years, it been 2 weeks in though. I had a large project to do, turn in one and have it displayed by yesterday. I didnt get far but I completed the deadline. There will be critique tomorrow at 11:00 am and I am in big trouble. One thing is missing and I may have grades deducted due to this one "piece" missing.
Apart from the real world, I am in a world filled with chicks I am interested in, and lest talk about that. There are...4? Like for ladies I have in mind. 3 of them are ladies I want to exchange my fluid and just that. Another, I just want to be good friends with. I have day dream about them but in the real world, things dont go the way I want it to go. I guess I am not a ladies man so I only have one choice: to suffer through this lust and desire.
no body wanna hear this, srry, but here it is. T'l next time....


  1. Sho....I know youll get some ladies soon. But this was too hilarious hahaha

  2. this is classic Shonuff right here dundun lol, you will exchange these fluids with these brizzles you speak of my friend...