Sunday, February 28, 2010


Its that time of the year Americans refer to as "Black History Month". Though nothing that I have seen or heard has reminded me of this. This month is the shortest, coldest, and least celebrated month out of the year in my opinion. I am not ranting that "its not fair" and all that jazz but I will share some of the most influential African-Americans/Black Americans in my life.

Malcolm X or Malcolm Little as he was born. I would have to say that when people would ask me when I was younger who my role model was I didn't have a clue. Maybe I would say the popular rapper at the time. But at my age I now realize that one male figure in my life that has stood out other than my Father (Happy Birthday by the way Pops) would be this man. I will present to you Exhibit A for any further questions.

The man above, Mr. "I had a dream", also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Few people know that he is a relative of mine (my fathers mother is his aunts daughter, which would make them first cousins). So at times I feel I don't show him enough respect by being more of a fan of Malcolm X and also by the way I chose to live my life. But hey in my opinion I am living his dream in my own way.

Few black men are in the position that Dr. Cornel West has enabled himself to be placed in. Respected by many congressional figures, as well as actors, musicians, comedians, athletes, etc. its inspiring to see a man of this age coming out of the era he was raised and becoming as successful and mainstream as he is.
Probably the most recognized black man on the face of the earth (besides Michael Jordan). Denzel Washington is one of the best male actors of today. Since his early films I have enjoyed and respected the roles that he has chosen to portray. Even with recent releases, he continues to recreate himself in new roles.
Pharrell Williams, also known as Skateboard P. Since he first emerged onto the music scene with The Neptunes I was a fan. They have put out some of my favorite tracks to this day, and worked with a variety of artist. With his band N.E.R.D. there first album helped me realize that the color of your skin doesn't determine what type of music you listen to. Mr. Billionaires Boys Club also helped me realize that because of my race I don't have to act, dress, or present myself a certain way.

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