Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art by Paula Liz Torres

Paula Liz Torres, is a Puerto Rican born, Baltimore, Maryland based artist who kills it on the daily commenting on issues past and present concerning her native people, particularly Puerto Rican Women. Although I have never been able to see a piece of hers in person( and she used to live on the floor above me), just from the photos on her blog, which for some reason I can't post for the gang.... I can feel the emotion, and deep sense of pride she feels for her people, the passion and the love she has for her medium. I'm no art critic, But I know heroin and sex in one when I see it, and Paula Liz Torres is dope as fuck! Check out her blog at paulaliztorres.blogspot.com/ and show my Homie some love. And oh yeah, she's a dime piece!


  1. oh she good....I mean she reeaaaal good

  2. I'm going to try and put her down with TPG....Among other things

  3. great idea my friend, we got much love for the females