Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beastality is Wrong....

When I first heard about this I was disappointed, but once I discovered it was a black man that was the criminal I was sad. Niggas don't fuck horses, leave that for old white man...jus sayin. I mean come on I hate to go off topic that beastality b.k.a Zoophilia is wrong, but the fact that I assumed an old white man did this it didn't bother me much. The reason I feel this way I think is because the other day I was discussing with a co-worker (a white-male) how shocked I was when I discovered the D.C. Sniper was a black man (click link for more info). I'm usually not the type to assume black and white people don't do the same fucked up shit, cause niggas will be niggas, and white people can do some nigga shit and by nigga I mean niggerish, and by niggerish I mean ignorant. Now I feel like im being a nigga by sounding ignorant and ranting about this nigga violating little(big) Sugar the Horse...back to the subject folks this is just wrong and im gonna leave it at that.

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