Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beer and gals

I dranks three cans of premium beer (an expansive one than the ordinary kind) one day (about like what, 4-5days ago I should say?) and drank another can the next day. I didnt have enough, but to get more it costs money which I didnt have. This sux, I thought but who cares. The world still spins and revolves even if I dont have anything to drink.
So where did I leave off last time?
On the 21st and 22nd of Nov., KSUA had a school festival. I cannot upload photo of the event because it includes pictures of people so instead I will upload other pictures. During the festival, I was a member of a Mochi stall (crushed and smashed rice) making refreshments for shoppers. What you do is first boil some rice until it is soft, and then smash them in a rice mortar until it becomes somehwat of a puddle. Then, with two people you smash and turn the puddle until it is dense but not too hard and soft enough to eat before it becomes too cold. It is tiring because the rice itself is hot and heavy, while the tool used to smash the puddle is heavy also.
The best part of the festival is, people you know are dressed in costumes and it is funny to see them. I enjoyed myself seeing hotties dressed up in a outfit that turns people on.
It was great two day entertainment and I wish next year will be even better!
Ordinary school days follows after the festival. To not make school life boring, I ganged up with couple of Freshmen, Senior, and Juniors to plan an event to decorate the school with an art work Cuz' its an art school, why not? Art students do not have much chance and place to present their works and we thought that was an weird thing, and also students do not have any chances to present their work in campus, outside of class. No personal exhibition and personal work is not encouraged. So what the hell? This is still in a planning stage and the school is sooooo much of a wuss and have a such a passive attitude on education, this group may suffer making they're goals a reality. We are still negociating with the school to let us use the vacant campus space and allow nobody to use the space for other deeds. Students try to use the space for something else but usually the school dismiss them and let somebody outside of campus use the space.
What a boring school. Its like a fools gold.

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  1. idk what it is about but these beer cans make the beer seem like it tastes really good, im feelin the red can(yebisu)