Monday, November 30, 2009


Today is Monday, and December is coming up. Japan is going to be colored by pseudo-Christmas, a fake, imitation, just an decorative kind, of Christmas. I should say, Japan is very laid back on religion, rather not take it seriously compared to Americans. Examples are Anime and Manga themes, ideas and story lines derive from old legends, myths, Judeo-Christian history, and etc. to compose an work. I heard Neon-Genesis Evangelin became a heated debate that the Japanese are pressuring Christian beliefs. To tell the truth, no, and no one over here cares. No matter what Religious background you are the society will not treat it as ''truth'' but more as a fantasy like figure and will not be too conservative on topics like other nations around the Globe (i.e. Pokemon is not allowed in Islamic society due to their belief that they do not believe in evolution).
Anyways, I will end gibberish here and continue on. By tomorrow I will upload random pictures so please check it out my friends.

Monday is always slow and laid back. Nothing happens but time just passes by eagerly. I really need to start thinking about my future plans which I do not have. I am in my junior year, have to get ready to graduate and also find a place to work (straight out of college grads. go find a perminate place to work during school than to do so when your 25 or 26).

By the way, every time I am in front of a screen, there is always somebody watching my screen. Why is this? Anyways I cannot type up what I want. So... yea, Cheers

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