Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jungle Fever/Do The Right Thing

Recently I have been digging alot of Spike Lee films, these two above have been my favorites. I remember people talking about jungle fever when I was kid, many saying that I had it. That's probably the case being that I don't have a problem "dating outside my race" and the fact that most women I have dated have been of the Caucasian race. The actual film, Jungle Fever, was very different from what I remember when I saw it as a child, the message definitely struck a chord with me and the ending was something I didn't expect. Wesley Snipes as a prominent black man with a beautiful black wife is something you don't see in films often, and the fact that he had an affair with a white Italian film I'm sure made some black women cringe. As for Do The Right Thing I don't remember watching it as a kid, the only thing I do remember were people quoting it all the time. This movie had a strong message dealing with race relations between minorities, becoming a parent and/or adult, and police brutality. My favorite character would probably be Radio Raheem, who made a statement about his love/hate brass knuckles that I can really relate too. This film also introduced us to Rosie Perez who played a fine young puerto rican mother, and Martin Lawrence who played a neighborhood knuckle head fitting to his personality. Spike Lee is the man and I wish more of his films would touch on subjects like these did, maybe I am just late which is probably the case.

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