Thursday, November 12, 2009

A post from from "Surgent Major" the first one

Yeah wat's up my dawg. Its my first post on the PlutoGang, and for people who are thinking "who the hell is this?" I am the dude who is part of the Pluto Gang living in Kyoto, and was used to be called Surgent Major or something like that because I wore an dress uniform as a Jacket.
Anyhow, my life was crazy after moving back in 2006. I will not gointo details today but write down what happened after leaving OH and arriving in Japan. At first I was living in Tokyo, Koganei, in a dormatory for students who used to live overseas and are examining for Schools in Japan. (In this dorm I was treated not that well, to make things worse, a kid who shit'd his pants in middle school who also lived there spread roomers and talked shit behind my back. )
I attended Yoyogi Seminar (an school that prepares you for University enrollment exam) along with 2 others from the dorm including the shitter. The school was not fun until I made friends.
Most of my time in Tokyo, I tried to be positive but became a little depressed. Later, I started to give up on examing and not cared if I got in or not.
The same year I arrived in Tokyo I examed and got into Obirin University. There, I was in department of Theatre. I examined for Kyoto Saga University of Arts the same year while attending Obirin (I was not positive that I would get into Obirin so I turned in my resume after examined for Obirin before scores were notified) and attended another prep school preparing for enrollment exam. By this time I was tried of life and was too depressed to think about anything and I totally gave up on examing. I didnt care of what school I got in or not, I just wanted to move out of Tokyo.
In 2007, I quite Obirin and moved to Kyoto (later I regreted this action) eager to study design. I entered the department of Tourism Design (dont ask me what the hell it is, the entire department is a joke to me now that I know the school, and totally believe the existance itself is a conspiracy theory). Within the deparment, there are six major studies called "seminars" that you could be in. Currently I am in the Product Design Sem., trying to figure out X's and Y's of design. Since the department does not have much to offer, I was very active in co-curricular activities and activities out of school studies. Since I am not used to Japanese people, particularly people in the Kinki-Kansai area of Japan, I had very large walls to blast.
Currently I am working on making a pseudo replica of a Marshall's Sword of the former Military, the IJM. It is my personal project I am working on along with creating new Kata (martial arts form) for Swords putting in every little details of my knowledge of Martial Arts.

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  1. Glad to see your input Yung Shonuff, in the future you should post some pictures of your projects and anything random. Also BrockGuy requested pictures of the streets of Japan and any music you dig, that would tight dawg!