Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Night Of BroSU

It happens once a year in a Midwest town known as Columbus, Oh to the world, or Buckeyeville U.S.A to the locals. On a usually warm fall Saturday the years old Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry is in full effect. Filled with scarlet and grey, maize and gold, booze and weed, young and old, drunk and sober, finus and mungus, the buckeye freaks come out at night. I would know for sure, I woke up to these fans playing beer pong and taking vodka shots in my living room at 11am, and I almost felt I needed to join them. On that note it is about that time that I observe these beings, but only as a reporter for the TiPsetGang, wish me luck. DrinkDrankDrunk....

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