Friday, November 13, 2009

Cune Pluto album of the week: Wale-The Mixtape About Nohting

OK OK OK....I know this has been out for over a year now, but this mixtape has shown itself to me as a proper album over the last week. Take away the fact that it was released for free, take away the fact that Wale got really no money from it, take away the fact that there was none if any radio play(although there were 3-4 tracks that could've been singles), and you got a studio release. Wale does now have out a proper studio album with "Attention Deficit', but this "mixtape" is a certified classic, and damn well should be, a proper studio effort from the D.C./ Maryland MC. Every track on this mixtape is a banger. The mixtape doesn't have that mixtape feel, it really feels like a studio release under a small label, by an MC who is just gifted. And doesn't give a fuck about grands.... He's just focused on a Grammy.

Taking voice samples from the uber popular sitcom "Seinfield", even the theme on the first track, and turning them into commentary on rap, racial bigotry, and life for the rap head, make this release something more than just a Lil Wayne mixtape showing your verbal skills and punchlines. It's a bonafide demonstration of what a rapper could, should, and must be!

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  1. just downloaded this as we speak, dont be talkin bout lil weezer like that lol. But yea lookin forward to this I been meanin to check out dude but been stuck on my trap rap and weezyhead ish